Saturday, January 19, 2008

7D launching on 24th on January along with a replacement for 400D/Rebel XTi

Canon Sweden executive Robert Westin says the launch of the new Canon products will happen on January 24th.
Along with the long expected EOS 7D, Canon is expected to launch a successor to 400D/Rebel XTi. As with 5D this camera also reached it's end of 18 month marketing cycle and during the winter holidays we saw great promotions for 400D/Rebel XTi also.
We already saw older 350D/Rebel XT not being promoted anymore and the expectations are that the 400D/Rebel XTi will replace the 350D/Rebel XT on the entry-level market to compete against Nikon's D40x.
The replacement for 5D must come due to the Nikon's introduction of their first full-frame DSLR back in August 2007. Also the 50, released in August 2005, is becoming obsolete, even though the price dropped quite a bit.
Another segment where we are expecting news is in the lens lineup.

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